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Our Story


The New Zealand Timber Importers Association (NZTIA) was founded in 1967 and its members represent the majority of timber imports into New Zealand. Its founding members are still active in the association today.

The NZTIA was formed for the purpose of fostering, promoting and protecting the interests of New Zealand timber importer members and the New Zealand timber importing industry; encouraging, promoting and organising co-operation to enable support of the members and joint representation in these common interests.


The NZTIA works with other industry associations, non-Governmental organisations and Government on policy, legislative and technical matters. Key interests for the NZTIA include shipping, biosecurity, building standards and in particular, continual improvement in the proportion of New Zealand timber imports that carry third-party certification of legality and sustainability.



To advocate the sustainable management of forests for the protection of the resource, the environment, the economic and social values of forests, and the quality of life of the people dependent on them


NZTIA members will seek to source supplies of forest timber from: forests where logging is conducted with the least possible damage to the environment; and forests which are managed on a sustainable basis.


To lobby the Government to maintain membership of the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) so New Zealand can contribute in a constructive and co-operative way to encourage the sustainable management of forests.