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New Zealand Timber Importers Association Rainforest Policy

Members of the New Zealand Timber Importers Association, uphold the following principles to promote the fastest, most practical progress towards environmentally and socially sound management of rainforests worldwide.

  1. The NZTIA is concerned at the rapid loss of tropical rainforest worldwide and will initiate and support practical and constructive proposals to help save this resource.

  2. The NZTIA rejects the imposition of trade restrictions and bans on tropical timber on the basis that these measures so not address the social and economic causes of rainforest depletion.

  3. The NZTIA supports the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in its belief that the management, conservation and development of tropical rainforests must provide for complementary uses to meet the different needs and interest of present and future generations.

  4. The NZTIA advocate the sustainable management of tropical rainforests for the protection of the resource, the environment, the economic and social values of forests, and the quality of life of the people dependant on them.

  5. NZTIA members will seek to source supplies of rainforest timber from: forests where logging is conducted with the least possible damage to the environment; and forests which are managed on a sustainable basis.

  6. NZTIA members will not recommend the specification or use of a tropical timber when an alternative timber with equivalent qualities can be substituted.

  7. The NZTIA believes the protection of the world’s rainforests must be a responsibility that is shared globally by governments, industry, environmentalists and the scientific community to ensure that the necessary resources and effort are provided.

  8. The NZTIA urges the Government of New Zealand to actively support programmes and incentives which promote rainforest restoration and forestation.

  9. The NZTIA urges the Government to maintain membership of the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) so New Zealand can contribute in a constructive and co-operative way to encourage the sustainable management of rainforests.

  10. The NZTIA advocates that the ITTO’s target year for the sustainable management of rainforests worldwide is brought forward.

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