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NZTIA Objectives

Objectives of NZTIA

  1. To encourage, promote and organise co-operation, mutual support and joint representation in all matters affecting or concerning the common interests of Timber Importers and to act as a co-ordinating body to represent the view of members.

  2. To establish or assist in establishing and to subscribe to or become a member of or affiliate to or otherwise co-operate with any society or organisation having objectives altogether or in part similar to those of the Association.

Membership Criteria and Requirements

Membership of the New Zealand Timber Importers Association Inc. will generally require a member to be a direct importer and stockist of several species of timber or timber products from several countries for distribution throughout New Zealand. A member would be expected to be specialising heavily in imported timbers and be acting as a wholesaler/merchant.

Associate Membership

Associate membership may be granted to importers of timber who do not meet the above general criteria.


Applicants for membership will be expected to have demonstrated a creditable measure of experience and integrity in the timber industry and be expected to be aware of and commit to the Objectives, Rules and Policies of the New Zealand Timber Importers’ Association Inc.

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